Superior Inspection 

Kevin Maynard, a Certified Master Inspector and member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, has conducted over 2,500 home inspections, showcasing his high level of expertise and dedication. Operating primarily in Wisconsin with global engagements, Kevin ensures the structural and functional integrity of properties, thereby safeguarding the American dream of homeownership.

Kevin’s meticulous approach to home inspection encompasses a thorough evaluation of critical systems including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. His comprehensive reports detail the condition of everything from the roof to the foundation, supported by high-resolution images that clearly document the property’s status.

A key aspect of Kevin’s service is his commitment to education. He continually updates himself on the latest technologies and inspection techniques, maintaining a cutting-edge approach. Additionally, Kevin educates others by attending and teaching at international conferences, enhancing the knowledge of both professionals and homeowners. His detailed walkthroughs empower clients with the insights needed to understand their prospective homes and manage future maintenance, enabling informed purchasing decisions.

What distinguishes Kevin is his grasp of the emotional and financial weight of purchasing a home. He provides thorough inspections that offer peace of mind, helping clients navigate one of their most significant investments with confidence. This empathetic approach has built him a sterling reputation and a loyal client base, which includes high-profile individuals like former NFL player JJ Watt and James Ziemer, the former CEO of Harley Davidson.

Beyond individual inspections, Kevin is committed to elevating the home inspection industry. He actively participates on several regional boards, advocating for higher standards and better consumer protections. His leadership helps ensure that other inspectors are well-prepared to deliver reliable and valuable services.

In his community, Kevin is recognized for his professional expertise and his commitment to education through seminars and workshops. These sessions equip homeowners with essential maintenance and repair skills, enabling them to handle minor issues and recognize when to seek professional assistance.

As the demand for qualified home inspectors continues to grow, Kevin Maynard remains a trusted figure in both the local Wisconsin real estate market and internationally. His unwavering dedication to his craft and his clients positions him as a cornerstone of the community.

In conclusion, Kevin Maynard’s superior inspection services are driven by a firm belief in quality, education, and integrity. Through his thorough inspections and dedication to client education, Kevin not only protects homes but also builds trust and security in one of life’s most significant investments.