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Your Trusted Log Home Expert.

Kevin Maynard of Open Hearth has over 35 years experience in construction, roofing, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, really just about every aspect of home construction. Kevin is also foremost expert in the inspection of log homes, having traveled throughout Untied States and nationally as an expert witness in court cases involving inspection log homes and log home construction errors.

Who I am…

Expert Witness, General Contractor, Licensed Home Inspector

Log Homes Built to Last

With the construction of over 50 log homes under his belt Kevin is as much an expert about the construction of log homes as there is in the log home inspection industry.

Superior Inspection

Kevin Maynard has achieved the highest levels of home inspection certification and expertise, including Certified Master Inspector accreditation and American Society of Home Inspectors membership, which requires inspection of at least 250 homes.

Expertise Unparalleled

Kevin’s log home construction and log home inspection expertise has been called upon throughout Wisconsin and across the nation as an expert witness regarding log home inspection and construction errors.

Expert Trial Witness

Kevin has been called upon across the country as an expert witness regarding log home inspection and construction errors. He served on committees responsible for log building standards worldwide ILBA (International Log Builders Association). Kevin is often hired by attorneys, insurance agencies, builders and homeowners for testimony. 

Areas of Expertise  

Kevin has testified in court and depositions across the country regarding the following topics:

  • Construction Defects
  • Contract Disputes
  • Construction Accidents
  • Construction Delay Claims
  • Cost Estimation and Damage

Home Inspections

Over 20 Years of Experience in The Industry

Experienced Eyes for Peace of Mind

Axe Kevin utilizes the most complex tools providing the most comprehensive services of any Southeastern Wisconsin home inspector. Every aspect of your Milwaukee home is thoroughly inspected. Both interior and exterior (even landscape drainage) is accounted for with Open Hearth Home Inspection. Advanced home inspection tools like thermal imaging and moisture meters detect problems before the naked eye can and before they cost you thousands of dollars. Axe Kevin finds problems other Milwaukee home inspectors miss.

Your Wisconsin Home Inspection Report is written in plain, ‘easy to understand’ language, accompanied with digital photos, so you know exactly what areas are being described. An Open Hearth Home Inspection Report Overview lets you quickly review recommended repairs. Whether you need radon gas testing for your Milwaukee home, home inspection for a Waukesha property you are buying, or log home inspection to sell your Waukesha Lake Country cabin, Open Hearth Home Inspection is the best choice for all Southeastern Wisconsin home inspection services. It is both superior method and attention to detail that make Open Hearth Home Inspection superior.

Log Home Inspection

Kevin R Maynard of Axe Kevin, is one of very few log home inspection experts in the entire United States. He is also a member of the Resolute Arbitration Committee of the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors, making him a high demand log home inspection consultant in log building disputes. With so many different methods being used to build log homes and so many specific to log home condition issues that can arise from the non standardized construction methods it is imperative you have a log home inspection completed before purchasing any log home. With any custom or non standard construction an inspection is exceptionally important; with custom log home construction a log home inspection is the due diligence a buyer must perform.

Home Exterior Inspection

The exterior inspection of your Milwaukee Wisconsin home includes roof and chimney inspection, as well as inspection of the flashing around the chimney. All exterior surfaces including siding, trim, windows, gutters, and downspouts are thoroughly inspected to ensure proper function. Driveways, patios, decks and porches are inspected for structural integrity. Landscaping is examined for possible problems, including potential flooding due to improper landscaping drainage. Even air conditioner compressors are included as part of your exterior Wisconsin home inspection.

Home Interior Inspection

Open Hearth inspects every aspect of the internal infrastructure of your Milwaukee Home. The heating, plumbing, and electrical systems are checked for potential problems, as well as energy efficiency. Walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and attics are all checked for structural integrity and durability issues. Superior home inspection services by Open Hearth even include basement and foundation measurements. Measuring the basement and foundation can be paramount in determining the condition of your home, even though basement and foundation measurements are not required by WI home inspection regulations.

Radon Testing

Thousands of preventable lung cancer deaths occur each year because of failure to do radon testing. Each and every home in Wisconsin should have a radon test done. Open Hearth will conduct a thorough on-site radon test in your Milwaukee home with radon level test data collected via a computer controlled radon testing device. Even newer homes can have radon gas issues, as stone used under the basement floor and to backfill against the foundation can emit radon.

Energy Star Certified Home Energy Audits

Save money on energy bills while increasing the comfort and value of your home with an Energy Star certified Wisconsin home energy audit from Open Hearth Home Inspection. Because we are an Energy Star certified home energy assessor, making your recommended home efficiency improvements will make you eligible for tax credits. Save money, help the environment, and increase the value of your Milwaukee home! Wisconsin home energy audits can be performed as part of your overall home inspection, or as a stand alone service.

Commercial Property Inspection

Wisconsin’s premiere home inspector is also Milwaukee’s premiere commercial building inspector. Superior building inspection tools and expertise from Open Hearth Home Inspection result in superior commercial building inspection. You’ll never make a smarter investment in your Milwaukee or Wisconsin business than getting your commercial property inspected by Open Hearth.

Lead and Asbestos Inspection

Many older homes in Wisconsin still contain asbestos and lead paint. Serious risk in both health and liability can be needlessly incurred. Finding potential health hazards and liability risks is part of every home inspection Open Hearth performs. With detection as simple as a call to Open Hearth it is simply unnecessary to leave your family’s health to chance – make sure you choose the Milwaukee home inspector who does lead and asbestos testing to protect your family.

Thermal Imaging

Open Hearth uses thermal imaging in Wisconsin home inspections to detect problems impossible to discover during a ‘routine’ Milwaukee home inspection. Thermal imaging also provides an accurate measure of the energy efficiency of your Milwaukee home. For more information about the benefits getting thermal imaging with your Wisconsin home inspection, call Open Hearth today.

Drain Tile Testing

A drain tile test is recommended when a good home inspector or basement consultant sees evidence of possible problems and would like further testing done. Like your doctor when your cholesterol levels are high they might want do further testing on yourself to make sure you don’t fall over dead from a heart attack. Your drain tiles are just as important to make sure you foundation does not come crashing into your basement.

If you have clogged drain tiles you could possibly have catastrophic failure of your basement walls. This in turn would be more costly to fix than your drain tile system.  Your drain tiles function is to keep the water pressure from building up outside of your foundation so your basement walls do not cave in do the hydrostatic water pressure on the outside of the foundation walls.

Log Cabin Builder

Kevin has built log ‘cabin’ homes in nearly every state East of the Mississippi River. With the construction of over 50 log homes under his belt Kevin is as much an expert about the construction of log homes as there is in the log home inspection industry. Kevin has repaired and overseen the repair of many log cabin homes as an expert and consultant. He has built full scribe, hand crafted, log homes. Kevin has built “manufactured timber” log homes, as well as log veneer homes. Kevin possesses intimate knowledge of log homes most home inspectors will never have the opportunity to acquire. Kevin literally ran a log home construction crew building log homes up and down the east coast building log cabin homes from Augusta, Maine to Destin, Florida. In log home inspection, experience is vitally important.